New Work

In early 2020 and after working in assemblage for over ten years, I began painting again.  Being safe at home in my studio during this COVID pandemic I have completed over fifteen works using fabric, paper and acrylic. They are all fantasy, some more abstract than others. I am fascinated with landscape and how it interlopes with architecture.

“When the Magic Happens” 32″x 41″

Octopus's Garden

“Octopus’s Garden” 36″ x 40″


“Chromosome” 30″ x 24″

“Shelter in the Forest” 20″x30″

“Vase” 21″ x 28″

“Tabletop” 36″ x 40″

Desert Life

“Desert” 29″ x 26″

Mt. Miguel View

“Mt. Miguel View” 30″ x 40″



“Trail at Rohr Park”

























“View From Morrison’s Pond” 40″ x 30





“Rain, Flowers, Sunset”